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    Good Resources

    The Linux Command Line – free pdf book



    On the Raspberry Pi Command Line


    CTRL + Break

    Via SSH Terminal Programs


    File System


    Up and Down cursor keys
    Select previous commands
    Use after a command to get help on its options



    Displaying a programs options

    Type this on the command line:

    program_name --help



    Show processes

    ps -ef
    List processes
    ps ax
    List processes


    Root user privileges

    After logging in as user pi, using this command give you root user privileges:

    sudo su


    Searching For Files


    Install mlocate

    sudo apt-get install mlocate
    sudo updatedb



    Use this

    sudo halt

    This is the longer method



    Can be useful when chainging commands together in scripts etc:

    sleep 5


    Soft Reset

    For the Debian installation at the command prompt enter:

    sudo shutdown "now" -r


    tar, for zipping files, directories, etc

    Show all options

    tar --help

    Create Archive Of Specific Files